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From Skies to Seas: How an Airline Pilot Created an App for Boat Management

From Skies to Seas: How an Airline Pilot Created an App for Boat Management


Unlocking the vast potential of Australia’s stunning coastlines and waterways has become a passion for millions of Australians. With over 80% of the population residing in coastal areas, the allure of boating and water-based activities has reached an all-time high. 

Boat ownership has been steadily rising, with close to one million registered vessels dotting the shores. This surge in popularity is driven not only by the innate desire to explore the great outdoors but also by the shifts in consumer preferences and the impact of the pandemic.

As the demand for effective boat management tools surges alongside boat ownership, one man’s unique background has propelled him to develop the best boat management software.

In this blog, we will delve into the fascinating journey of this airline pilot-turned-entrepreneur, exploring how his personal experiences and passion for boating culminated in the creation of game-changing boat management software—Tracket. 

Whether you’re considering purchasing a boat or already have multiple vessels under your command, this all-in-one boating app promises to streamline your boating experience, enhancing safety, organisation, and efficiency on the water.

Tracket Founder Stephen Ferris getting ready for a boating trip | Tracket AU

From Airline Pilot to Entrepreneur: Simplifying Boat Management with Tracket


Stephen Ferris, a commercial airline pilot with a deep passion for the marine world, embarked on the journey of purchasing a boat for his family. However, he was dismayed by the poor documentation processes he encountered during his research.

The realisation that numerous vessels on the water in Australia had inadequate documentation left Stephen alarmed.

Drawing from his experience in the aviation industry, he recognised the need for higher standards and expectations in powerboat, PWC, and yacht ownership.

With a firm understanding of the importance of process, procedure, and accurate record-keeping, gained from his aviation background, Stephen felt compelled to address the gap in boat management systems.

He envisioned a boating app that could serve as an additional “crew member” to help boat owners manage their vessels safely, responsibly, and cost-effectively.

Collaborating with a dedicated team of safety-conscious boating enthusiasts, Stephen developed Tracket.

This cloud-based boating app simplifies and organises every aspect of boat management, providing users with a one-stop-shop solution.

During the creation of Tracket, Stephen and his team sought guidance from governing bodies such as essential marine services, water police, state-based emergency services, and the Boating Industry Association.

With the support they received, they were able to fine-tune the app, ensuring it meets the needs of boat owners while improving maintenance and safety standards on Australian waterways.

From Airline Pilot to Entrepreneur: Simplifying Boat Management with Tracket


As a cloud-based solution, Tracket ensures that your boat remains in top-notch condition by offering a user-friendly, comprehensive dashboard where you can access all your boat’s information with ease.

Tracket offers six essential features for easy boating management:


  1. Document Management: Upload and organise all boat-related documents, from warranties to registrations, in specific folders for easy access.
  2. Boat Expense Tracking: Categorise expenses, track average monthly spending, and upload invoices to maintain clear financial records.
  3. Boat Maintenance: Keep maintenance records organised, including survey reports, to enhance your boat’s resale value and potentially qualify for insurance discounts.
  4. Customised Boat Checklists: Create tailored checklists, like fishing preparations, to stay organised and ensure important tasks are never forgotten.
  5. Boat Reminders: Set reminders for boat servicing, warranty and insurance due dates, and more, to stay updated and stress-free.
  6. Real-time Boat Log Book: Log engine and generator hours, receive notifications for upcoming maintenance based on logged hours, and never miss a service appointment again.

Experience effortless boating management with Tracket, making your time on the water easier, more enjoyable, and worry-free.

Download Tracket today and get started with the best boating app for Android & iPhone.

Sign up for a 90-day free trial!  Contact us to learn more. 

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