Tracket Features Page


Discover how the TRACKET App can improve your life.


TRACKET helps you put all your files in one location. This way, you won’t have to deal with confusing ways of saving files anymore. It will be easier for you to keep all your boat documentation in order.

You can store documents in relevant folders and easily find important information such as your boat’s warranties, registration, and safety equipment expiry dates. No more complex filing systems or misplacing important boat documentation.


Want to keep track of your boating expenses?

It’s easy and quick to see your boat’s expenses with TRACKET.

Not only can you categorise your expenses, you can also view your average monthly spending through a categorised view so you know exactly where you are spending your money.

Did we mention you can upload invoices to TRACKET for safekeeping?


Every boat owner knows that service history sells boats and having a good service history at your fingertips will facilitate a quicker sale with greater potential for an increase in resale value.

With TRACKET, your maintenance records are kept all in one place and organised into categories so you have an instant oversight of your boat’s maintenance history.

You can even attach those survey reports so you never have to look for them again.

Don’t forget to ask your insurance company for a discount at renewal time as you will have one of the best documented boats on the water.

Your insurance company will love you for using TRACKET!


With TRACKET you can create customised checklists to ensure you never forget what needs to be done on your boat. From a Start Checklist to a Secure Checklist the choices are only limited by your imagination. 

If you are concerned about your safety TRACKET is an absolute must-have for you!

Create a list of to-dos before you entertain on your boat (drinks check, food check, ice check) or head out for a day of fishing (rods check, bait check). 

This feature provides assurance that you are staying on top of all activities on and off the boat.


Get updates when your boat needs servicing, set reminders for warranties and insurance due dates, or anything you want to be reminded of. 

Your spreadsheet will not be able to remind you of your next scheduled maintenance, but TRACKET will!

TRACKET reminders provide peace of mind and make for stress-free boating.


Log your engine and generator hours after a day out on the water. TRACKET allows you to see in real time when your next scheduled maintenance is due.

You won’t forget when your next service is scheduled. Just enjoy your time on the water!