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When Stephen Ferris, a commercial airline pilot with a long love of the marine world, discovered what he described as a gaping hole in the market for effective management systems for boat owners to stay on top of the raft of compliance, safety and maintenance regulations and requirements, he decided to create one.

While looking to purchase a boat for his family, Stephen was shocked at the poor documentation processes he discovered through his research into purchasing a new boat for his own use.

“The number of vessels on the water and for sale in Australia with poor documentation is really frightening. If you had that kind of documentation in the aviation industry, your fleet would most likely be grounded” Stephen says.

Ferris believes higher standards and expectations similar to those of the aviation industry should be applied to power boat, PWC and sailing craft ownership.

It can be time-consuming, and mistakes are made when your system is ineffective.

“Working in the aviation industry, I understand the importance of process, procedure and accurate record keeping. It takes a huge team and a wealth of technology to oversee the process of maintaining an aircraft. Boat owners are left to manage it themselves, sometimes with minimal and cumbersome systems in place.

“Tracket is like having an additional ‘crew member’ on call, 24/7, helping owners to manage the safe, responsible and cost-effective management of their boat. A one-stop-shop app which makes all aspects of a boat’s management simple, transparent, and organised.

“I worked with a dedicated team of safety conscious, passionate boating enthusiasts who wanted to make all aspects of a boat’s management simple, transparent and organised.”

In creating Tracket, Stephen and his team consulted with governing bodies such as essential marine services, water police, state-based emergency services and the Boating Industry Association, all of whom have given their support for its creation. Ferris says the enthusiasm Tracket has received from these organisations, including a Federal Grant for research and development, has validated the work they are doing, and helped them fine tune the app to ensure it delivers on its promise of improving maintenance and safety standards on Australian waterways.

“Tracket allows users to keep all relevant information related to their vessel in one easy to use app, with reminders and notifications, so nothing gets missed,” Stephen says. Registration, licencing, documentation, maintenance records, expenses and travel logs are all recorded, maintained, and updated within the app, which is available on all Apple and Android smartphones for less than $10 a month.

“We are incredibly proud of the app, and the potential it has to increase safety, and save boat owners an enormous amount of time and expense.”.