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Tracket Boating App Looks after Your Boat Rental

Do you need an easy solution to manage your boat rental safety and maintenance documents?  Tracket Boating App looks after your boat rental maintenance documentation needs by providing a cloud-based app to hold all your information in one place.

As boat ownership continues to grow in Australia and throughout the world, and in particular the growth of peer-to-peer boat-sharing services, it is imperative to have a well-documented boat management system. 

If you rent a boat out through a boating marketplace such as MatesBoat™ then Tracket has the perfect solution for you.

Tracket provides: 


  1. Streamlined document management system where you can upload your Domestic Commercial Vessel Registration, Safety Management Systems, Warranties, Insurance Policy, Onboarding documents and the like.
  2. Boat expense tracking which is an awesome way to keep all your expenses in one place. As you are operating a commercial enterprise your accountant will need all your expenses to complete tax returns.  You can also use the app to track your monthly/yearly spending giving you accurate information on what prices you need to be charging out at.
  3. Boat Maintenance record tracking through an easy platform to see what maintenance has been undertaken and when. This information is invaluable if you have to make an insurance claim or have an incident on the water.
  4. A reminder service that will tell you when maintenance is due for the boat and also on safety equipment including life jackets, fire extinguishers, flares and first aid equipment.
  5. Real-time log book hours which is great for calculating hourly serving requirements etc.
Boat apps for boat owners and marine industry

With Tracket, you can also effortlessly share your boat's information with those who matter most. Offer 'view only' access to mechanics to review service history or grant trusted 'service providers' full access to streamline boat management by entering important information directly into the app.

The app was created by Stepeh Ferris an airline pilot who saw the need for enhanced safety and document keeping in the boating industry.  Stephen consulted with the Boating Industry Association, the water police, state based emergency services and the marine industry along with boaties.

If you are renting your boat via a peer-to-peer boat rental marketplace then Tracket Boating app is a perfect solution for all your document keeping.  If you own a boat rental company you can also list your fleet and keep all your records in one place.

When you are searching for a vessel to purchase it is important to know some history about the boat.  Having all your documentation in Tracket as a boat owner when selling your boat will potentially increase the value of your boat and make it easier to sell.

To get you started Tracket has a 90-day free trial period to check it out and see how easy it is to use. 

There is also a comprehensive guide on listing your vessel and how to add your documents here.

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